The Two Key Types of Motivation

The word motivation refers to the internal or external forces that cause people to have energy for work or to put towards a creative or physical outlet. Motivation creates positive abilities in people to perform their work. The behavior and the attitude of the person is highly influenced. Motivation is not only used in the professional career, but it is required in every field of life whatever it is, a school or a playground. Take some added motivation from the following link, if you continue to push yourself success will come.

There are many types of motivation that are used in different conditions and circumstances. Here are two important types of motivation:

1. Extrinsic motivation

The extrinsic motivation is provided by the external factors. The growth of the employee is related to the workplace success, in which different factors are used to motivate the employees to get success. Organizations use motivational factors for their employees to enhance the productivity of the organization. The fear motivation works in the place where other motivational factors don’t work. Most of the times, the students are motivated through fear. Fear does not only work in the case of students (fear of getting zero marks on the exam), but it also works for employees. Following are the factors to manage the growth.

• Offering rewards and benefits to the employee for their goal achievement is a type of extrinsic motivational factor. These rewards may be in the form of time off from work or an official dinner for the employee.
• Appreciating the employee for their hard work. The employee is appreciated by the higher management of the organisation.
• Sending Birthday cards and birthday wishes to the employees. It ensures the employees that management remember their celebrations and care.
• Offering a bonus on extra work achievements. It is provided as an option so that employees can get help during hard times.
• Parties and other recreational activities for the employees at least after 1 month. Such parties refresh the employee’s mind and brings new energy to their work.
• Fear of being fired from the workplace, not the best option but it will work and you should only use it at a warning before the inevitable.

2. Intrinsic motivation

The intrinsic motivation is provided by the internal side of yourself which is also known as self-motivation. Such types of motivation cause us to perform some activities for fun without any hesitation. Most times, the personal needs of people are the best intrinsic motivation. When you are internally motivated, you start enjoying your work. Following are some of the factors that internally force the people to do their work.

• Obtain opportunity to get higher rank in the organization (promotion).
• Compensation is the basic right of the employee. It helps him to fulfill the needs and requirements.
• Gain respect among the peers and overall working staff.
• Be a successful employee
• Getting power to take different decisions and it is only possible in decentralized organization or higher level of the management.
• Achievement of the goals in a defined time period

For all the activities of life, motivation is very important whatever it is, a professional activity or a home based activity. Both intrinsic and extrinsic motivations play their own role to make a person successful.


4 Pitfalls of Social Media When it Comes to the Professional Life

Social media offers a way to connect you with your friends, family members, and potential business partners/clients. No matter if you are sitting with them or you are living across the country. There are a number of social media sites that have gained the interest of the consumers especially the people who love social media. All these sites include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many others. Among all, the most famous and easy to use is Facebook. It allows the people to make their profiles and share it with their friends and family members. For more on myself feel free to take a look at this recent interview I took part in.

Although social media sites are used by people of all ages either you are a high school student, a college student or a professional. In some institutes, joining social media sites are very important to get daily updates and news. On the other hand, some people join it for their own sake especially to increase their social media circle. Following are some of the social media pitfalls of the professional life:

1. Distraction

One of the important and considerable pitfalls of using social media sites is that it distracts people from their daily activities. The people who are fond of using social media show their interest in using these sites as a result they are distracted from their professional duties. This causes low performance from employees and it ultimately has a negative impact on their career. If the performance of the employees continuously lowers due to distraction, upper management may fire them. So be warned! Put down the phone get off the sites and do the work that is expected of you.

2. Social life is not professional life

Although, social media is the best way these days to connect with people, in some cases social media can be highly criticising. You should try and seperateall your personal and professional activities on social media. You should avoid sharing all your personal activities and memories on social media if they are detrimental to how you want to be perceived by your employer.

3. Criticism

It is up to the Human Resource Management of a company either to allow the employees to use social media sites or not. If the overall staff of the company is using social media then employees should deal with it carefully. For example, if HRM gives a positive review about an employee’s social media, it can be a very good thing. If they give a negative review about the employee’s social media, it could be highly detrimental to how the company continues to perceive that employee and may even cause them to change their opinion of you.

4. Time deviation

Time is the deciding factor for some companies on how they pay their employees. Honesty is the only policy when it comes to achieving success. If you are not honest with your company and don’t provide productive work in the allotted amount of hours, then how will you achieve success. There are also some employees who spend their time on social media rather than getting to work. This not only lowers their performance but also lowers the performance and productivity of the company.

There are many pitfalls of using social media during professional time. If you want to be successful and land a promotion, then you have to work hard and this can only be achieved if you avoid distractions. Feel free to learn more about my business aspirations and philosophy with this recent press release!


Ways to Make an Incredible Presentation and Blow Others Away

What constitutes a superb business presentation? Spamming the audience with information isn’t the way to. Neither is boring these people to tears with detailed graphs and numbers. And don’t even think about reading each one of those twenty bullet points you have stuffed into each slide (Protip: this is unquestionably a no-no). What really constitutes a superior business presentation comes down to a very important factor: engaging the audience. You don’t want to be that person that wastes everyone’s time. Trust me at one time I wasn’t positive about my ability to present, it’s tough. You gain confidence as you progress in your career. If you want to learn more about my story, take a look at a recent story on FiveHundo.com.


Here are some surefire tips that will help you make killer presentations and blow your audience away:

Be entertaining – If you wish to engage your audience, you need to be informative and entertaining at the same time. Inject some passion or humor into your presentation, the audience expects you to appeal to their emotions. Simply reading or reciting dry facts will make the audience disinterested in no time.

Use body language – Make use of body language for connecting with your audience. Compelling presenters utilize their facial expressions, hands and eyes in order to keep the crowd engaged. If you can, work with props and stage movement to keep the audience involved.

Slow down – Inexperienced speakers have the tendency to talk way too fast. Don’t be that nervous wreck who talks as if he’s trying to beat the clock. You need to slow down your speeches and add pauses whenever you try to emphasize something.

Only include necessary information – An excellent business presentation includes only the important information. It offers one primary point and things are set up around that point. It does not rely closely on PowerPoint or slides loaded with words, and it permits time for discussing points and asking questions.

Properly project your voice – Nothing is worse than a speaker that is inaudible. Even the top of the line microphones and amps will not help you if you can’t project your voice properly. Projecting your own voice doesn’t mean shouting, instead standing upright and enabling your voice to resonate over the room by using your lungs instead of your throat to generate a clearer sound.

Simplicity is key – Straightforward explanations along with uncomplicated graphics result in one remarkable presentation. Most people think jamming a bunch of data on the slides makes for a good presentation, but it’s an enormous mistake. Decide on specific issues to discuss and develop simple illustrations or photos to re-enforce your point, not provide the viewers with additional information.

Please if you have a moment check out this recent press release for more on my business aspirations!


The Most Recommended Reads for People that Want to Improve Their Lives

We all want to do better in the game we call life. However, working towards the path of self-improvement can be rather grueling and unforgiving. This is especially true when you are out of inspiration and feeling unmotivated that you just want to quit. Well, we say that you keep at it and if you want some boost in inspiration, there is no shortage of self-improvement books that you can read. Sure, self-improvement books have gotten quite a bit of reputation but there’s no denying the wealth of information it can provide.

So if you are looking to improve your life, you should consider grabbing these books:

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki is widely considered a classic as far as self-improvement books go. For many people, this book has helped them jumpstart their self-improvement journey. This book will open your eyes to a whole new world of opportunities. For instance, you will learn how to spot money-making opportunities during bad economy. Highly recommended!

“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change” by Stephen. R. Covey

The title of the book might be underselling just how useful the information contained inside. Covey shares with the reader some habits that will enable them to become truly effective in everything they wish to achieve. There are parts where you’ll be shocked but you’ll gain ageless wisdom nonetheless. Ignore the title, this book will turn you into the best person that you can be.

“Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time” by Brian Tracy

Finding yourself in a destructive downward spiral can be a real downer. Procrastination is a well-known killer of potential and self-growth. This book will help un-paralyze you from the clutches of not getting anything done. Tracy gives timeless advice on how to get your priorities straight and to deconstruct larger tasks into smaller ones. “Eat That Frog” is truly a fascinating read if you are looking for some extra motivation!

“How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie

Written in 1937, it’s not surprising that this timeless classic is the first foray of people into the realm of self-improvement. The book expounds on what we all intuitively know: make it about the other person, regardless of what your line of work or business is. Being not a terrible person will open up your path to success.

Are there any you would add to this list? I am sure there are, so feel free to contact me via twitter @alimayar400 and let me know what you would have put on this list!


The Confinements of the Comfort Zone, and Why You Need to Explore Other Realms

No risk, no reward – this is one of the many facts of life. You are probably someone who is contented (and love) being in your comfortable plushy comfort zone. However, probably you have also been told that you need to “think outside the box” or “live a little.” Our own comfort zones are a valuable space that we can put ourselves into for security and safety, however difficulties can present themselves once we choose to remain stuck and not get outside the box every once in a while.

While warmth and familiarity is good thing, you will be missing out on the rest of the world and its adventures if you don’t get out of your comfort zone.

Risk and Reward

You will never be able to fly if you don’t jump. In life, you absolutely need to take risks otherwise, there will be no rewards to gain. Without taking any risks, you will be filled with regret and not knowing what could have been. Some of the most successful people have taken risks, and it paid off. Sure, there’s no guarantee that there will be rewards to gain but don’t let that stop you.

Being Complacent Kills Creativity

Creativity is the ability to think outside that box. If you don’t leave your comfy box, it becomes difficult to spark your inner creativity. When life puts you in challenging times and exposes you to new things, you will be surprised at how creative you become. Don’t let your creativity get stuck in a rut.

Change is Good

Those who love their comfort zones will probably tremble at the mere mention of “change.” New city, new job, new people, new home, new baby – these all can be rather overwhelming. Looking past the bad things and fearful thoughts takes courage. Once you learn to look past them and focus with what you have, you’ll realize that you’re still in control and closer to your goals.

Force Yourself to be Uncomfortable in Order to Succeed from Ali Mayar on Vimeo.

In order to be the best you can in life, you have to step out of your comfort zone at some point and go for it!

Great Things Happen Outside the Comfort Zone

Some of the most famous successful people in the world have one thing in common: they did things that scared the crap out of them. Many of them, even by doing things that scared them have utterly failed. But they learned and gained something from failure. There are tough decisions to make but they made it. They tore down their comfort zones and got out.


Go On Track and Become a Better Owner That Your Car Deserves by Ali Mayar

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The Dilemma of Car Owners

Not all car owners are adept when it comes to the technicalities of their automobile. For a fact, most of them depend on skilled mechanics and technicians to do the complicated tasks, even leaving the car on the shop for a day or two until the problem gets fixed. However, as a possessor of a thing valuable to you, it cannot be helped if you feel a little worried or a bit empty without the car in sight. Entrusting your car to someone else might be a troublesome scenario to undergo, especially for new car owners. To save yourself from this unwanted situation, enriching your knowledge about your own car will let you handle a few tricks in dealing with your own car problems.

Know How to Diagnose Car Problems

There are a few basic things that you should know if you want to go on a do-it-yourself car overhauling. Recognizing the symptoms of car trouble is the key to its early detection and solution. A short travel distance after a car stop could mean that your brake is fading. A sudden change in speed without a prior push in the accelerator pedal signals that there is an engine surge. Even a steam with a pleasant odor coming out from the car hood could imply a leakage in the car engine cooling system.

Here is a car that Ali Mayar loves!

Rolls Royce Phantom Review Shared by Ali Mayar by alimayar

Cars Are Not All The Same

Even after knowing many things about your car including its parts and features, this does not mean that you can wear your work pants and dismantle your car whenever you feel or observe an irregularity in its performance. Cars are not all the same and that means there is a difference in which they should be handled. Some cars have more delicate spare parts in them that can easily get impaired if not worked on properly. If you are not certain with the way you should take good care of your car, calling for professional advice is a must.

Consult a Car Expert for Guidance

Car experts know most of the car models and brands there are in the market. They possess a broad range of knowledge about cars, their capacity, features and design. These markers of competence, coupled with experience, make care experts the best professionals to lean on when you need to clarify something about your car. Taking note of helpful information such as car reviews by Ali Mayar will help you do the job right. Ali Mayar is a car enthusiast who has gained substantial knowledge in the world of automobiles. Car reviews by Ali Mayar are informative enough to give you the insights you needed to know whether your car would get by in a do-it-yourself overhauling or will it need the assistance of an expert technician or car shop. Professional services such as car reviews by Ali Mayar will bring light to most of doubts when it comes to the condition your car.

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Hey guys, Article within an Article!


So I have been on a health kick lately and have been trying to find different ways to stay healthy and in shape. Searching through a million or so (exaggeration) blogs and forums, I found one blog that had some interesting content. It linked to an INC.com article that you can reach by clicking here, but I thought I would share the content to give credit where credit it due!

Here is the original article!

Anyways, hope you all have a great day, and remember to stay motivated!


Yin and Yang of Business That Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Other than the qualities and characteristics that every entrepreneur should possess to become successful, there are also a lot of things that businessmen like you should avoid doing, especially when you are still new to the industry or still on the process of growing your business. The fact is, this list of things that should be avoided by all entrepreneurs is as important as the list of good things that they should develop within themselves. A tiny room for error has the tendency to become a business nightmare in most cases that is why this list is also worth noting.

• Don’t open up a business without conducting market analysis. Most amateur businessmen end up realizing too late that their business venture is fated to fail when they haven’t even tried studying their target market and reaching out to potential customers for feedbacks and opinions with regards their offered products and services. Doing a market research will give you the idea on the marketability of your product and the feasibility of your business as a whole.

Dig these tips? You should be periodically checking out ingoodcompany.com, especially with this list of amazing business tips.

• Don’t focus entirely on raising money. Remember that the reason why your business exists is not primarily for you to get rich in by a matter of days but to cater the unmet needs of the market. If you think too much of the ways to increase your sales and revenue, you may end up losing your management control and compromising your business goals which would affect negatively on the operation of your business.

• Don’t waste your early returns on luxury items. Indeed, it is not wrong at all to reward yourself with the things that you’ve always wanted to have. However, these things can wait and can be compromised not like your business undertaking. If you directly spend your early profit, you might not have anything to use in times of business emergencies. This could literally spell the end of your business career.

• Don’t let rejections get your spirit down. Sometimes, businessmen with a weak willpower and determination end up abandoning their dreams after being turned down by a lot of business opportunities. You must remember that even a successful entrepreneur like Ali Mayar has faced certain failures in the past. Rejections and failures are only tests that you need to pass and by doing so, you’ll become a more experienced and wise entrepreneur.

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur like Ali Mayar, following these tips will help you grab a hold of your dreams. A successful entrepreneur like Ali Mayar is a product of determination and perseverance coupled by experience and hard work.

In addition, check out some of these fresh takes on business ideas over at entrepreneur.com, and see if they can help you figure out your business model.


Dance Your Worries Away With Ali Mayar’s Best Party Song Playlist

Are you planning to hold a house party celebration? Other than the usual food and beverage dilemma, you might probably be stuck thinking of the best song playlist to make your event a blast. Most of the time, hiring a DJ or a sound system crew can be a profound solution for your musical problems. However, considering the fact that we live in such hard times where financial matters have to be considered, spending heaps of money to solve your issue of having great background music for such occasion is not a wise decision at all.

Become Your Own Disc Jockey
You may not know it but you can actually make your own playlist of party songs that can get your guests and friends on the hype. All you need is a bit of research and to learn some basics and most importantly the capability to unleash your creative side. Party songs normally get to the top of the charts in today’s music industry. Checking out famous sites online such as Billboard and YouTube will give you the freshest and hottest party songs of today. Radio airplays and requests are also indications of trending songs and surefire hits. By following these tips, you will be having a great party playlist in no time.

Be Resourceful
If you don’t have the luxury of time in checking out the hottest songs of today, then relying on your existing albums could be an alternative solution. You can compile all of your CD’s and review each of them carefully. By checking out the back portion where the lists of song titles are normally given, you can readily pick the songs that you think most of your friends are familiar with and would probably like to hear and dance to. Great party songs normally have that good beat and vibe that everyone would easily like.

Music changes all the time, stay ahead of the curve and follow Ali Mayar on twitter to stay in the know on what music is hot.

Finalize Your Playlist with Credible Advice
If you still are not confident enough to create your own playlist to showcase to all of your guests and friends, then getting some help from music advisers will be a great decision to make. Some suggestions such as best music for Ali Mayar can be availed at a reasonable fee, if not for free. Music lovers such as Ali Mayar have developed a wide range of knowledge when it comes to the music and are credible enough to become a source of musical advice. Best music for Ali Mayar may include the songs that are already in your mind which can clear the doubts about your playlist issues. So if you are still planning to create your own party playlist, you might want to consult help from professional suggestions such as best music for Ali Mayar.


Spell Success with an Ideal Business Plan and Wise Business Tips

What It Takes To Succeed

The business world is not a place for the pessimists and faint hearted. If you want to become a successful businessman, you have to prepare yourself for what lies ahead. The industry is run by fierce competition and you need to take risks, correct mistakes and uphold commitments to stay in the game. As a new entrepreneur, you may have a lot of ideas running in your mind and a few tricks up on your sleeves. However, they do not assure your success in the future. As a matter of fact, promising business plans that are not properly implemented and carried out can become the very cause of an entity’s downfall. That is why you need to widen your business knowledge and carefully formulate business goals and objectives if you want to become a frontrunner in your career someday.

Business Plan Is Key

One of the main factors that determine the success of a business is the business plan itself. It is also one of the things that every business man should prepare before entering the industry. A business plan can be seen as the blueprint or framework of a business which means that if it is sloppily created, the whole enterprise could collapse. Crafting a business plan is not that easy to accomplish. Considering various aspects such as effectiveness, efficiency, and scope are necessary for the future of the venture.

The Ideal Business Plan

A business plan needs to be effective. Effectiveness refers to the capability of the plan to produce the much expected result or output. If your business goals and objectives are not met, then your plan is not that effective enough. Efficiency on the other hand, relates to the plan’s potential to use the most minimal amount of resources to achieve success. Simply put, if your business succeeds only after incurring huge expenditures, then your plan is not that efficient. The scope of a business plan relates to the comprehensiveness of the plan in terms of covering different areas of concern in a business undertaking.

There’s more to Business than Just the Plan

After learning some of these terms, it is safe to say that you have somehow widened your knowledge about business. However, there are still so many things that you should know if you want to take your venture to the top. Calling for professional help is strongly suggested especially if you are still new to the game of business. Ali Mayar, for instance, is a name that you can rely on when it comes to business matters. Turning to Ali Mayar’s business tips for guidance is a safe move to make since he is an entrepreneur himself who has savored success by relying on his experience and knowledge in the business world. Ali Mayar’s business tips are drafted in a way that it can become applicable to most business scenarios. So if you think that your business plan is not efficient, effective and comprehensive enough, then consider utilizing Ali Mayar’s business tips now.