Comfort Cube And Fidget Spinners: Do They Really Work?

Touted as portable and versatile gadgets capable of eliminating stress and anxiety, fidget cubes and spinners are all the rage in schools, homes, and offices. They help both adults and children maintain focus and relieve stress.

Studies have shown that repetitive movements can elevate neurotransmitter levels in the brain. As a result, an individual can enhance levels of concentration and feel more relaxed. Fidgeting while working on a simple task has the potential to positively impact productivity.

Many experts are convinced that fidget tools like Comfort Cube provide some children and adults with a viable outlet for brain stimulation. In turn, this counteracts hyperactivity in classrooms and workplaces.

The Comfort Cube helps relax the mind through an array of fidgety motions, which allows individuals that normally click pens to use a more advanced device. This nifty toy allows individuals to eliminate the need to use ineffective stress-relief methods, such as supplements.

It comes as no surprise that inventors of fidget spinners and cubes have been able to raise millions in capital for their projects through crowdfunding. This trend proves that the market opportunities are huge thanks to the practical anti-stress and relaxation benefits of fidget toys.

While some schools have banned the toys from classrooms due to the risk of distraction, some experts are highlighting the benefits of the gadgets for children. They discourage banning tools that help some children cope with difficulties of feeling comfortable and focusing in class.

Dr. Rachel Andrew, director of Time Psychology raised concern about eliminating a strategy or items that are beneficial to children or adults suffering from trauma or anxiety. She stated that fidget tools can help by providing either a distraction or sensory stimulation. The clicking, rolling and twirling can be distracting to lessons but it also soothes children with sensory issues.

Comfort Cube comfort-cube

The Comfort Cube is a well-designed fidget gadget that can provide users an innocuous outlet for stress or anxiety. It eliminates the need to bite nails, click pens or play games on the mobile phone. Surveys have confirmed that using fidget tools helps workers become more productive. They spend more time on their workstations and stay focused.

These nifty devices provide a better quality fidgeting option and can be taken anywhere. Regular users say they experience a marked reduction in attention deficits, irritation, and agitation. As a result, they are able to keep track with what’s important.

The gadget comes with a number of fidgety features, including a circular spinner, roller, flip switch, three mechanical gears for rolling, a clickable ball, glider and the “breathe feature” that resembles worry stones. The click widget works more like a clickable pen.

It comes as no surprise that the cube is a top-seller on the stress-relief device market. The gadget is manufactured using only the highest quality materials. It can survive constant fidgeting without breaking.

Fidget spinners fidget-spinner

This type of specialized device and similar tools serve a valuable purpose. Many people leverage the spinner’s therapeutic benefits to stay focused when performing a demanding task or attending a meeting. It is also common for individuals to calm themselves down when faced with a stressful situation.

The devices make it easier to achieve a more contemplative or mindful state. Psychology studies have revealed that people tend to adjust their environments and experiences with the aim to provide adequate mental stimulation. People cope with stress and demanding situations differently.

On the other hand, the optimal level of stimulation varies from one person to another. The level can also shift for one person in the course of 24 hours. The changes are influenced by the nature of activities or tasks involved as well as the state of mind. Fidgeting with spinners provides an effective substitute for habits that undermine productivity, such as embarking on mindless trips away from workstations.

Chronic stress is a more serious issue that affects many people. Busy lifestyles can contribute to the pressure and it is easy for one to feel overwhelmed by work or family responsibilities. Identifying an effective coping mechanism is essential. A good technique minimizes stress by providing a calming distraction.

A study conducted in 2015 revealed that fidgeting can reduce the risk of all-cause mortality. This type of risk is associated with excessive sitting time. Thankfully, devices like fidget spinners and cubes create the much-needed solution for multitudes of people around the world.

A significant number of therapists recommend the use of fidget tools, which can be manipulated to ease tension.

Julie Schweitzer, a professor at the University of California has studied fidgeting and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In one study involving preteens and teenagers, the results suggested that fidgeting may have the capacity to improve the cognitive performance of children with ADHD. However, Schweitzer says more research is still needed to confirm these observations.

The professor participates in projects performed by the MIND (Medical Investigation of Neurodevelopmental Disorders) Institute.


3 Tips For A Happy, Healthy Summer In 2017

Spring has sprung after a relatively mild winter, and summertime is just around the corner. This means we’ll be spending more time outdoors, and we’ll be gathering for meals with family and friends for events such as the Fourth of July. This is all well and good, but to stay happy and healthy this summer there are a few things we should keep in mind regarding our diet, our work/life balance, and the activities in which we choose to engage over the next few months. Here are three ways we can all stay happy and healthy this summer.


Our first tip involves keeping a healthy diet. Many people spend all winter and spring trying to get a “beach body” but once summer comes they seem to forget about the healthy eating habits they’ve developed – or they simply stop caring. Do you fall into this category? If so, there are multiple ways to keep you on track. After all, being on a diet doesn’t have to be a chore. Many doctors and dietitians work hand in hand with their patients to help them develop a healthy diet that doesn’t sacrifice flavor.

Take Dr. Lane Sebring, for example. Dr. Sebring earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Texas (Austin) and his M.D. from the University of Texas Medical Branch (Galveston). Dr. Sebring works with his patients to ensure they are able to stay healthy and happy throughout the summer months by maintaining a proper diet. There is no specific diet that is perfect for each patient, so Dr. Sebring has a plethora of healthy dieting tips and tricks that anyone can use
to stay in shape during the summer.

Dr. Sebring has more ideas than we can mention in this article due to the need for brevity, but here is a sampling of ways you can stay healthy and happy this summer:

-Don’t eat anything at least an hour or two before bedtime. dr-lane-sebring-paleo-diet
-Utilize a paleo diet, if possible.
-Portion snacks out ahead of time so you aren’t sitting on the beach or on the couch with your hand in an entire bag of chips.

If you’d like to learn some of these tips and tricks for yourself, or to contact Dr. Lane Sebring directly, you can visit his website at for more information and to get started.

Work/Life Balance

The second way you can stay happy and healthy this summer is by balancing your work life with your personal life. This might seem like an insurmountable task to some of us, but it is possible. The first step is to stay motivated at work. Again, this might seem difficult but it helps to break down work-related tasks into smaller, more manageable tasks. You’ll achieve a sense of accomplishment as you check off each of the small tasks, and before you know it you’ll be finished with your work for the day. You might even begin to look forward to work (at least more than you did previously) because each time you finish a certain task your brain will reward you by releasing endorphins that are tied to achievement.

You can also stay motivated at work by keeping your goals in front of you. Are you planning a vacation? Would you like to buy a new car? Are you saving money for your child’s college tuition? Having a clear idea of how you are going to use the money you earn each day will keep you motivated at work. When you leave work, however, try to leave work mentally and emotionally – not just physically. You should work to live instead of living to work. Enjoy each moment you are able to share with family and friends, and take pleasure in the time you have to yourself.

Summer Activities

Our third tip for staying happy and healthy this summer involves choosing activities to engage in with friends and family. There is nothing inherently wrong with going to the movies or taking the kids to a pizza buffet, but it’s important to not engage in such activities so often that they become the norm.

The sun provides your body with vitamins that you can’t get anywhere else, but you also have to be careful about getting too much sun. UV ray protection is vital for individuals of all ages, and failing to protect your skin this summer could result in melanoma or other unsightly skin conditions later on in life. The key is to maintain a balance of indoor and outdoor activities that involve physical exercise and don’t expose your body to long-term damage.

By following these three tips you and yours can have a healthy, happy summer in 2017. Remember: it’s okay to splurge every now and then but don’t let unhealthy eating become part of the daily routine. Focus on work when you are at work, but do your best to leave it behind at the end of the day. Finally, make sure everyone for whom you are responsible gets enough sun and exercise this summer, but protect everyone’s skin and keep everyone hydrated.


How To Stay Motivated While Building Your Business

When planning for a business, most entrepreneurs start off dreamy eyed and full of ideas. Nothing or no one can stand in our way. The world is ours for the taking. Once the hard work and reality sets in, it’s a challenge to maintain the same momentum. Like the repetitive message from Ali Mayar, motivation is a key necessity for success in life and business.

Motivation isn’t about who can be the loudest, over the top, hyper machine. In fact, you can be quiet and calm, but still motivate. It’s about being dispersing positivity in every area of your life. You must be able to invoke positive thoughts and aligning actions like the examples below.

Have a daily motivational ritual
Each person’s ritual is different, so find what works best for you. A good way tMotivational-Quote-Imageo start the day is through prayer or meditation. It helps you stay center, balanced, and grateful. Think about all you’re thankful for, what you want to accomplish, and how you plan to do it. Before getting entangled in the hustle and bustle that pulls you in every direction, have a quiet moment to yourself.

Encourage yourself by speaking and thinking positively. Remind yourself of the great qualities you have. Tell yourself that you can accomplish the goals you’ve set. Some use motivational quotes for inspiration. Follow motivational mentors on social media, like Ali Mayar. Also, keep motivational quotes within your view throughout the day. It’s helpful to even have an accountability partner who will uplift you on challenging days.

Take a moment to appreciate your daily wins
A lot of business owners wait until the “right moment” to celebrate their accomplishments. It doesn’t always have to be a big win to get excited about it. The small wins should give you momentum and motivation to keep trotting toward the big ones. If you met your goal on social media for the day or got that big client on the phone, it’s progress. You deserve to celebrate!

Learn from those in your industry
Competition is stiff in many industries these days. It seems like everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, even if it’s just a part-time gig. Don’t let that discourage you from following your dreams! The great thing about business in this world is that there’s room for everyone. You just need to recognize your strengths and use them to find success.

Instead of looking at other business owners as competition, view them as allies. Seek guidance from them and find out what strategies they used to find success. Ali Mayar states that even successful entrepreneurs have mentors and they also have certain traits we should learn from. Instead of getting discouraged, find motivation from business owners like you.

Don’t give up
Building a business has its ups and downs, as Ali Mayar explains in much of his writing. If you have the right motivation to stay persistent and determined, you’ll make it through. You’re gifted and passionate about your business path for a reason. Don’t give up on your passion and fight for what you believe in. Your passion about what you’re doing should be your drive.

Whether working for yourself or for someone else, you must put in the work! It’s up to you to decide the route you want to take. Understand effort is necessary to achieve your goals. However, with the right motivational tools, it’s a rewarding experience. Start and go through each day with the right attitude, make connections with other positive people, and be persistent. These key actions will help you stay motivated while building your business.


How To Discover Your “Get Fit” Motivation

Strength Image

At the close of the holiday season each trip around the sun, we usher in a brand, new year. This, of course, is a time for reflection on the past and a great opportunity to set new goals to achieve throughout the course of the upcoming months.

It’s not uncommon for many folks to share the same goal during this time: get fit, shed unwanted pounds or start training for a marathon. Sure, it always sounds fantastic–until life starts to get in the way. We may spend a very full day putting in long hours at the office and forget to meal plan. Perhaps bad weather rolls in and you simply can’t make it to the gym for a workout.

How do you find the motivation to get in shape when daily life hands you roadblock after roadblock?

Look, it is easy to lose steam when it comes to a healthy diet and regular exercise. Even the most dedicated, in shape individuals go through bouts where they just can’t seem to muster up the energy to head to their local gyms or stick to their daily physical fitness regimes. The important thing is pushing through those feelings. How do you do that? Keep reading this article – I have you covered and should you want to get more inspiration check out my other health related articles here.

First off, it is immensely helpful to start small. What do I mean by this? Well, keep the old adage in mind that Rome wasn’t in a day. Don’t start out your health and wight loos journey by making sweeping changes that completely alter your lifestyle. Instead, start integrating very small, healthy, changes to your daily life. For example, try replacing your favorite sodas with ice water to cut out necessary calories. Seems simple enough, right? Next, start to eliminate one sweet treat a day to cut down on your sugar intake. Then gradually replace chips or snack foods with fresh veggies. This will help your motivation by leaps and bounds since it won’t feel as though you’re fighting a losing battle. Need even more motivation to try this out? Multiple studies suggest that health and weight loss habit with the best chance of lasting are those considered minor–or doable.

Another important key to maintaining your motivation is to identify your problem areas. Do you tend to overeat when you are feeling stressed out? Perhaps you refuse to workout if you’ve had a stressful day at work. By identifying these areas you can then come up with successful strategies to address them. Maybe tackling these issues involve setting aside a specific amount of time each day to devote to yourself and your health goals. It could also mean refusing to buy foods that you;re sure to binge on if they’re sitting in your cabinets.

Yet another major component of motivation is establishing a cheer leader. What I mean by this is either a workout buddy who will help to keep you accountable to your goals or someone–perhaps a friend or loved one–who will support you in your wellness journey. If you have a particularly rough day and are in need of some additional motivation reach out to your cheerleader! Some simple words of wisdom or comfort may be all you need in order to stay on track. Your support system can also celebrate your successes with you, too!

Lastly, never under estimate the importance of self talk when it comes to motivation. Never speak negatively of yourself or your goals. You are one strong individual who can achieve any thing you put your mind to. Don’t be afraid to remind yourself of this out loud. This type of positive self talk will be sure to give you the push you need.


Motivation Mojo: Mindset, Determination And Perseverance

What is your mojo that sets your motivation in motion? Is it something that you do every single day to achieve your goals? Whether it is mental or physical, your actions set things in motion, and this in turn determines your level of success in whatever it is you set out to do. Here are some motivating tips that some have used to keep motivation moving.


There is a reason the head is at the top of the body, it is the ruling force that drives this vehicle called the body around. The mind determines the direction you take and how you will get there. There are ways to motivate your mind and the rest of the body follows along. Once you set a program or goal into this wonderful thing called the mind, it begins its work toward achieving what you want to accomplish.

Your mindset is the first order of business in activating your motivation. It visualizes the goals you want to reach and creates in you positive emotions that help you to reach them.

To achieve any goal you must first see it and believe it in your mind, then you must get the rest of you involved in going about doing something every day toward reaching it. It could be working out every day, eating healthy, meeting business connections or whatever it is, your body begins doing what it takes to achieve said goal.


Determination can be said to be belief turned inward. You believe in yourself and your goals and this helps to fuel your motivation. You want it, you want to achieve it, and this passion you have inside you gives you the energy to keep going in the direction you have set for yourself.

This is purpose, you have purposely put this goal into your mind to achieve and you have the drive to accomplish it no matter what obstacles present themselves to you. Purpose and passion drive you to succeed, and this leads us into the final piece of the puzzle that brings it all together.


Persistence. You must do something every single day toward reaching your goals no matter how difficult the task may seem to be. You may be tired, you may be discouraged, but you must persist in order to reach your goal. It is like running a marathon, the runner may be tired, his body may be screaming for him to stop the race, but he continues on in spite of the pain, in spite of the fatigue, in spite of himself wanting to quit, he doggedly continues until the finish line.

This is the nature of motivation, we must set our minds to the task and see it in our heads, we must be determined and have purpose to fulfill our goals and dreams even through the ups and down of the roller coaster ride of an entrepreneur , and we must persist and never give up until we cross the finish line, or have reached our goals.
We need motivation to accomplish anything in life. If we do not have motivation, how will we ever get to where we need to be or where we want to go? Surely all creates have some form of motivation in order to do anything in life, but to do the really great things in life, it just can’t be about motivation but must encompass our whole being. It must involve your mind, your body and your spirit.


How to Get Motivated to Work Out

You are not alone if you are wondering how to get motivated to work out. If motivation is what you need, consider just a few of the benefits of exercising on a daily basis.

Motivated To Workout Ali Habib Mayar

Improved Memory

There are many people who claim to feel more creative and able to think more clearly after a good workout, and there are plenty of studies to prove their perception matches reality. As you exercise, your blood flow and blood pressure increases, which allows your brain to receive more blood and more oxygen.

Both are crucial elements needed for your brain to work at its optimal best. Another explanation, while exercising your hippocampus is highly active and is responsible for cognitive functioning. The more active you are, the more active your hippocampus is, which means better brain power for you.

Posture is Important

Working out on a regular basis can strengthen the muscles responsible for providing you with good posture. Some of the most common issues with posture include hips out of alignment, back problems, a ford head posture and rounded shoulders. A good exercise regime can strengthen your abs, back, legs and other muscles and will alleviate many of these posture problems.

Sweat the Stress Away

Not only will working out help to shed pounds, but it will also help you decompress and de-stress. When given the right tools, your brain is capable of producing its own pain and stress relieving hormones known as endorphins. Endorphins improve your sleep satisfaction by allowing you to sleep better and awake more refreshed, they also reduce your stress level. Working out on a regular basis is a great way of getting those endorphins released.

Exercise Reigns Supreme for Life Longevity

While anyone can die of unnatural causes at any time, a general rule of thumb: the healthier you are, the longer you live. Furthermore, not only will you live longer, but your quality of life will be much higher as well. Daily exercise can improve your life expectancy in several ways including having a healthier heart, controlling blood sugar levels, staving off obesity-related diseases and increasing how long you stay mobile.

I’m Convinced, but Now I Need Motivation

If you are convinced that exercise can improve your quality of life, but are still wondering how you will ever be motivated enough to start exercising on the regular, don’t worry, you are still making progress. With a few ways of finding your motivation, you will be ready to start exercising daily.

Reward Thyself

Really, give yourself a reward. Rewarding yourself for accomplishing even small tasks, like exercising even three times a week at first, can motivate you to keep going and motivate you to increase your original goal. Don’t start out with monumental goals that are impossible to achieve – they will do the opposite and discourage you from continuing. However, research has shown that setting attainable goals with a reward system in place can increase your motivation levels.

Remember that Half the Battle is Mental

Your body will not go where your mind won’t push for it to go. If you can think positively, visualize yourself getting up and enjoying the benefits of working out, then half the battle is already won. Once you start working out and seeing the benefits for yourself, your motivation will only increase.

Have Fun

Working out does not have to be boring, there are countless ways of exercising that are fun to do. If you find an exercise program that you love, the more likely you will be to stick with it. Think about active things you like to do for fun and try to find an exercise program that resembles that activity.

It is not always easy to find the motivation needed to work out, but it is worth it. Enjoy the many benefits of daily exercise and start improving your quality of life today.

The Keys to Success from Ali Habib Mayar



3 Tricks To Motivate Your Mind

It can be difficult to stay motivated at work and in life. Ali Habib Mayar Mind Motivation

While you may have grand goals, things simply get in the way. Sometimes, it may even seem like your own mind is working against you. Whether you are dealing with distractions or just a general sense of lethargy, failure to keep your mind motivated can have a major impact on the way you live your life.

Fortunately, there are secrets you can learn that will lead to proper mind motivation. If you are able to meditate daily, get your heart rate up with exercise and stick to a properly nutritious diet, you can make your mind more motivated.

Meditate Daily

If you’re looking for a way to keep your mind motivated, it might be best to turn inward. Meditation is a perfect way to clear your mind of the clutter that tends to accumulate during the day. Meditation does not need to be a long process, nor does it need to be on that requires you to take a great deal of time. If you can find five to minutes a day, even if it’s in the car before work, you can meditate and get your mind motivated. It may take time to learn how to clear your mind, but it can absolutely work.

Increase Your Heart Rate

Your brain is just another organ in your body. Like all the organs, it works best when it has a proper oxygen flow. To get the oxygen to your brain, you have to get your blood pumping – and for most, this means getting a bit of exercise during the day. If you want to clear out all the cobwebs, you can go take a brisk walk around the office or hit the gym. Motivation often comes from having a sharp and ready mind, so use your body as a tool to hone your thought process.


Your brain can be a great deal like an engine – without the right fuel, it cannot function at its peak efficiency. If you are not eating right, you may find that you don’t get the right vitamins and nutrients to keep your mind functioning as well as it should. Switch to diet that’s full of healthy vitamins and minerals so you can keep your brain functioning at its peak capacity. If you aren’t able to eat as well as you like on the job, make sure to seek out herbal supplements that can aid you in keeping your brain motivated.

Mind motivation does not have to be difficult. If you can meditate, get your heart rate pumping, and eat right, you can help to hone your own sense of motivation. While each of these activities is relatively simple on your own, embracing all of them will allow you to change your life. Your mind’s ability to process is just one function in a much greater organic machine, and once you learn how to focus that function you’ll learn how to leverage more of your own abilities into persistent success.




A Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur

All across the world there are a few exceptional people who excel in the world of entrepreneurship. However, the majority of people often try their hand in business and fail without taking some time to learn from the successful group. A closer look at these exceptional individuals reveals that their are certain common traits or behavior they adopt as a way of pushing their goals to fruition.

Entrepreneur Ali Habib Mayar

Successful Entrepreneurs Have Mentors

Most successful people in life have someone they look up to. Their role model or mentor usually has characters and habits that help shape their future in a significant manner. By emulating some of these traits an aspiring entrepreneur can quickly climb the ladder to success.

They Are Keen on Planning

To succeed in any endeavor it is important to have a well laid out plan of action. Setting goals for each day, week or month is key to achieving the long term vision that may encompass longer periods of time. A good plan allows the entrepreneur to assess progress and determine if they have to change strategies or enhance them as a way to speed up success.

They Develop Discipline

Without proper discipline an individual may find it quite challenging to achieve the goals laid down. Successful entrepreneurs make it a point to stay organized with regards to time management and task fulfillment on a daily basis. Proper discipline also allows them to interact with various people in a manner that is respectful regardless of the circumstances under which they interact.

They Keep Fit

It is difficult to engage in fruitful activity without the right stamina or general body health. Exceptional individuals in the business world strive to keep fit despite having a busy schedule. They engage in exercises that help develop strong bones, healthy muscles and general body fitness which is key to fighting infections and avoiding injuries. These individuals understand that it only takes a few minutes of each day to engage in exercise that can keep the body healthy for a long time.

They Uphold Healthy Eating Habits

Consuming unhealthy foods can have adverse effects on the development of the body and can easily compromise health. Most successful entrepreneurs are careful to adhere to good eating habits. They avoid taking too much junk food and stick to healthy foods that include vegetables and fruits. They also avoid consuming harmful substances such as too much alcohol or drugs.

They Sacrifice Free Time to Work

In certain instances entrepreneurship may require that an individual sacrifices their free time so as to achieve business goals. This means the entrepreneur may end up spending long hours at work in a quest to boost sales or improve services delivery to clients.



My Review of The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

What if you knew the secret of making it big in any type of business? What if you were certain of success if you started on your own? Won’t these motivate you to take the long-awaited plunge? Of course, they would! But what would help you bring about these changes? It would be Darren Hardy’s “The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster”. It is a book written for the sole purpose of helping entrepreneurs fulfill their aspirations.

Darren Hardy, the author of The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, sees the world of entrepreneurship as a path to fulfillment. He believes that if you can take charge of your entrepreneurial endeavors then all your dreams and aspirations may come true. The book has been received extremely well across the length and breadth of the entrepreneurial world. Nearly all the experts and critics have reviewed it in a positive light. Some critics went to the extent of calling it a work of art!

All the chapters begin with a quotation or a saying that gives you an insight into the world of wisdom. These words of wisdom are quite deep and you can spend the whole day interpreting them in terms of your own life. The chapters are followed by action plans to make your reading and learning actionable. If you don’t follow up reading with action, then you will soon forget what you have read. To counter this folly, Darren Hardy has followed each chapter by an action plan. These action plans would get you going and give the push toward taking action.

The book can warn you against the dangers of self-fulfilling prophecies, inoculate you against the negative thoughts, and guide you through the journey. The author elaborates the effect of negative conditioning that you underwent in your childhood and tries to get you away from it. Next, he tries to protect you from the people who try to demotivate you. More than saving you from the external factors, the author focuses on strengthening your internal system so that you can keep steady even in adverse circumstances. Finally, Darren Hardy tries to make you feel more accountable for your life and thus motivates you to take action. You will feel as if the things mentioned in the book are really happening around you right when you are reading it.

One of the messages that may come as a shock to you is that most of the people or entrepreneurs fail because of their own mistakes. The market holds tremendous opportunities for anybody who has the right mindset. This book would help you escape the personal and professional pitfalls in your entrepreneurial journey. It cuts through the crap and demystifies the secret of getting ahead in business. The book is available in hardcopy, softcopy and audio format. Some people prefer owning all these formats at the same time.

As you read the book, you will feel the energy and the positive vibes of starting your entrepreneurial journey. Most of the time what holds us back is a lack of motivation. This book will simplify the success conundrum in such simple words that its message could be easily understood irrespective of your gender, age, nationality or field.

Many readers claimed that even if you do not plan to take the plunge in the near future, this book would help you get more out of your present situation. It can show the way to make yourself more productive, increase your present salary and get into the limelight. It is a no-nonsense book that means business. If you want to make a difference and live up to your aspirations, this book would give you the much needed boost and confidence.

Darren Hardy is a New York Times best-selling writer and former publisher of Success magazine. He has motivated thousands of people through his seminars and millions through his books. “The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster” by Darren Hardy can reinstate the right belief system in you and relate cause and effect in the right sequence. It can turn you into a super achiever.

Now, you can decide for yourself whether you should read it or not.


Success Leaves Clues

Although most people desire to succeed in various aspects of life, only a few ever attain their goals. Still, some people seem to excel in almost everything they do without trying too hard. Surprisingly, the secret to success is not as complex as some people believe or try to paint it. According to Tony Robbins, an American author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, all you have to do to achieve success is mimic someone who is successful. Here are three secrets to achieving success:

Model a Successful Person

The most effective way of achieving excellence is by emulating a successful role model. This means studying their habits, work ethic, and financial goals. If you do not have an exemplary role model, look for one who is a leader, reputable, and well respected in his/her field. Of course, you could also pick a group of individuals who are particularly inspiring and good at what they do. For example, the exploits of the Seal Team Six soldiers who raided Osama bin Laden’s hideout and killed him have turned members of this elite military group into heroes who are revered and respected for their daring attitude, attention to detail and ability to execute extremely dangerous missions. In fact, several former Special Forces members have written books that are aimed at inspiring others and teaching them how to achieve their life’s goals. In addition, some American businesses now invite retired elite soldiers to teach their staff how to succeed. Overall, you can pick a model from practically any field provided you can relate to his/her career, life, or business journey and emulate it.

Seek Help

Some people fail simply because they are either too proud to ask for help or fear to be perceived as weak. However, this approach is counterproductive considering there is someone out there with solutions to the problems you are facing. Remember, the longer it takes to resolve the challenges you are facing, the higher the likelihood of failing because you may end up giving up entirely on your goals.Nevertheless, help is unlikely to be free because the people who will be helping you will incur time and financial losses accruing from the time devoted on your issues/problems. For this reason, it is advisable to propose a monetary or non-monetary way of adding value to their lives, businesses, or career.If you present yourself as the only beneficiary, very few people will agree to help. Besides this, find out if any of the people you intend to ask for help would be willing to mentor you. This is particularly important because a mentor-mentee arrangement would allow you to get invaluable advice, tips and guidance. What’s more, the presence of an experienced hand usually inspires confidence.

Look for success clues

Most successful people leave behind clues that are good indicators of why they succeeded while others were failing. By studying these clues, you can come up with ways of replicating the same strategies in your life, career, or business. This approach works because successful people generally approach issues and execute tasks quite differently from others. If you can replicate their strategy, you increase the likelihood of succeeding as well. Luckily, you do not have to spend a lot of money trying to arrange meetings with such people. You can follow your icons on social networking sites like Facebook and go through their posts to learn more about the character traits, work ethos, or financial goals you need to excel like them. In particular, look for videotaped content such as media interviews, motivational talks, or public talks given by your models and studiously review them to learn what it takes to succeed. Moreover, read books, quotes, commentaries, and opinion pieces written by your success icons. When combined together, these clues (from diverse sources) will help you chart a similar path.


For most people, success is an elusive and mysterious concept that only a few people seem able to grasp. However, the truth is success is a simple concept that you can master provided you are willing to learn how it works. In general, you can increase your chances of achieving your goals by emulating a successful person, seeking help whenever necessary and looking for clues left behind by successful people.