Motivation Mojo: Mindset, Determination And Perseverance

What is your mojo that sets your motivation in motion? Is it something that you do every single day to achieve your goals? Whether it is mental or physical, your actions set things in motion, and this in turn determines your level of success in whatever it is you set out to do. Here are some motivating tips that some have used to keep motivation moving.


There is a reason the head is at the top of the body, it is the ruling force that drives this vehicle called the body around. The mind determines the direction you take and how you will get there. There are ways to motivate your mind and the rest of the body follows along. Once you set a program or goal into this wonderful thing called the mind, it begins its work toward achieving what you want to accomplish.

Your mindset is the first order of business in activating your motivation. It visualizes the goals you want to reach and creates in you positive emotions that help you to reach them.

To achieve any goal you must first see it and believe it in your mind, then you must get the rest of you involved in going about doing something every day toward reaching it. It could be working out every day, eating healthy, meeting business connections or whatever it is, your body begins doing what it takes to achieve said goal.


Determination can be said to be belief turned inward. You believe in yourself and your goals and this helps to fuel your motivation. You want it, you want to achieve it, and this passion you have inside you gives you the energy to keep going in the direction you have set for yourself.

This is purpose, you have purposely put this goal into your mind to achieve and you have the drive to accomplish it no matter what obstacles present themselves to you. Purpose and passion drive you to succeed, and this leads us into the final piece of the puzzle that brings it all together.


Persistence. You must do something every single day toward reaching your goals no matter how difficult the task may seem to be. You may be tired, you may be discouraged, but you must persist in order to reach your goal. It is like running a marathon, the runner may be tired, his body may be screaming for him to stop the race, but he continues on in spite of the pain, in spite of the fatigue, in spite of himself wanting to quit, he doggedly continues until the finish line.

This is the nature of motivation, we must set our minds to the task and see it in our heads, we must be determined and have purpose to fulfill our goals and dreams even through the ups and down of the roller coaster ride of an entrepreneur , and we must persist and never give up until we cross the finish line, or have reached our goals.
We need motivation to accomplish anything in life. If we do not have motivation, how will we ever get to where we need to be or where we want to go? Surely all creates have some form of motivation in order to do anything in life, but to do the really great things in life, it just can’t be about motivation but must encompass our whole being. It must involve your mind, your body and your spirit.

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