Success Leaves Clues

Although most people desire to succeed in various aspects of life, only a few ever attain their goals. Still, some people seem to excel in almost everything they do without trying too hard. Surprisingly, the secret to success is not as complex as some people believe or try to paint it. According to Tony Robbins, an American author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, all you have to do to achieve success is mimic someone who is successful. Here are three secrets to achieving success:

Model a Successful Person

The most effective way of achieving excellence is by emulating a successful role model. This means studying their habits, work ethic, and financial goals. If you do not have an exemplary role model, look for one who is a leader, reputable, and well respected in his/her field. Of course, you could also pick a group of individuals who are particularly inspiring and good at what they do. For example, the exploits of the Seal Team Six soldiers who raided Osama bin Laden’s hideout and killed him have turned members of this elite military group into heroes who are revered and respected for their daring attitude, attention to detail and ability to execute extremely dangerous missions. In fact, several former Special Forces members have written books that are aimed at inspiring others and teaching them how to achieve their life’s goals. In addition, some American businesses now invite retired elite soldiers to teach their staff how to succeed. Overall, you can pick a model from practically any field provided you can relate to his/her career, life, or business journey and emulate it.

Seek Help

Some people fail simply because they are either too proud to ask for help or fear to be perceived as weak. However, this approach is counterproductive considering there is someone out there with solutions to the problems you are facing. Remember, the longer it takes to resolve the challenges you are facing, the higher the likelihood of failing because you may end up giving up entirely on your goals.Nevertheless, help is unlikely to be free because the people who will be helping you will incur time and financial losses accruing from the time devoted on your issues/problems. For this reason, it is advisable to propose a monetary or non-monetary way of adding value to their lives, businesses, or career.If you present yourself as the only beneficiary, very few people will agree to help. Besides this, find out if any of the people you intend to ask for help would be willing to mentor you. This is particularly important because a mentor-mentee arrangement would allow you to get invaluable advice, tips and guidance. What’s more, the presence of an experienced hand usually inspires confidence.

Look for success clues

Most successful people leave behind clues that are good indicators of why they succeeded while others were failing. By studying these clues, you can come up with ways of replicating the same strategies in your life, career, or business. This approach works because successful people generally approach issues and execute tasks quite differently from others. If you can replicate their strategy, you increase the likelihood of succeeding as well. Luckily, you do not have to spend a lot of money trying to arrange meetings with such people. You can follow your icons on social networking sites like Facebook and go through their posts to learn more about the character traits, work ethos, or financial goals you need to excel like them. In particular, look for videotaped content such as media interviews, motivational talks, or public talks given by your models and studiously review them to learn what it takes to succeed. Moreover, read books, quotes, commentaries, and opinion pieces written by your success icons. When combined together, these clues (from diverse sources) will help you chart a similar path.


For most people, success is an elusive and mysterious concept that only a few people seem able to grasp. However, the truth is success is a simple concept that you can master provided you are willing to learn how it works. In general, you can increase your chances of achieving your goals by emulating a successful person, seeking help whenever necessary and looking for clues left behind by successful people.

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